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Maxim Mall

In 2003, Maxim Mall was established by Qattous Group as its first large-scale project in Jabal Al-Hussein. It has a total retail floor area of 23 thousand square meters on a plot with an area of more than 4 dunams. Being the first shopping center of its kind at that time, Maxim Mall has provided its customers with a truly joyful shopping experience with various options to meet their needs and entertainment. The Mall consists of 5 floors and 226 shops. It features a modern style with escalators and high-efficient elevators. An indoor amusement park and dining area lie on the third floor providing a convenient space for families and individuals. It is noteworthy to mention that Jabbal Al-Hussein area is a commercially vivid area with high car and pedestrian traffic.

Avenue Mall

In 2010, Avenue Mall was established at the center of the commercial area in Amman Al-Sweifieh. It has a total retail floor area of 45 thousand square meters. The mall has become a commercial attraction since then providing a genuine shopping experience that satisfies all tastes and preferences at affordable prices. The Mall’s attraction can be attributed to its strategic location, facilitated access and diverse offerings. It includes diverse retail shops, restaurants and entertainment venues with modern comfortable designs and bright colors. The Mall provides all means of convenience to its visitors having panoramic elevators, escalators, central air-conditioning, 389 parking lots, valet and car wash services.

Qattous Real Estate Development

Qattous Group paved its path in the real estate development sector through many successful projects in addition to a group of high-density small projects. Therefore, the group ranks high among professional, leading and pioneering companies in this field. Some of the Group’s projects include:

Qattous Entertainment

The Group pursued realizing its vision by opening Avenue Park in 2017 with a total surface area of 1,800 square meters. The amusement park caters to family entertainment needs as families can have enjoyable moments of fun and adventure. The park has two branches in Avenue Mall and Maxim Mall. It features advanced electronic games in addition to individual and group action games with high- level operating standards that ensure a safe and suitable environment for family entertainment. The Group is keen on developing the Park’s facilities at a regular basis and intends to expand further in the future.

La Familia

La Familia is the group’s first Jordanian brand in Amman. The brand specializes in designing and selling fashion to all consumer groups. It has five shops in Amman with an average area of 2,000 square meters each. These shops cater to all age groups and household needs, with an overall surface area of 10,000 square meters. The Brand’s team includes fabric experts, fashion designers and production line developers with high professional standards. The brand tapped the e-commerce field this year and plans to expand regionally and internationally in the near future.


The store sells a number of high-quality international brands at affordable prices serving the taste and preferences of all consumer groups. The Group is working on developing Ohana further by opening a second branch within the upcoming two years.

Qattous Retail

The Group expanded its commercial activity to the retail sector and developed new Jordanian brand names. The group’s brand names include: